Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lights of Winter

According to the UK Met. Office, "winter" starts officially today for weather purposes.  We're looking forward to better weather in Florida in January but meanwhile here is another picture of Christmas at Walt Disney World.

It's of the "Lights of Winter" the lovely light and music show at Epcot that has now been retired.  It is quite difficult to get a good picture of the show so my human Mikki was very happy to find a good one in the middle of her new book from "Celebrations" magazine.  This picture was taken a few years ago.  It's the best of my humans' I could find, but I can't help thinking there's something missing.

Meanwhile, preparations for trips to WDW continue.  Mikki is now looking at a second visit - in October.  That is so she can be there for the 15th anniversary celebratons of "Intercot", the web discussion board where she is a moderator.  It's about 11 months away so Mikki has started thinking about things like flights and booking DVC accommodation.

Yes, there is something missing from the picture.  But it is quite difficult to get a good close up of a toy kitten and have the light display in focus too.  I'll forgive them for now - provided I get a cuddle.


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