Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas Presents

My humans didn't take their Christmas presents for each other with them to Andrew's brother - who they spent Christmas day with.  So, they forgot about them completely until last night.  Both presents were Disney memorabilia.  Andrew's for Mikki was a Lennox statue of Mickey Mouse holding a lovely big heart.  Mikki's for Andrew was this statue - of Tinker Bell!!  (Well, they didn't have one of Figaro).
Apparently this was made to commemorate 25 years of the Disney Store.  I must admit it is quite striking.  It has something of the idea of a trophy or award to it. I think Andrew may put it on his desk in his study so he can pretend it was something he was presented with.  Don't worry, Andrew, until they give awards for weirdness, you are quite safe. 

Oh.  I have a few comments of my own before anyone asks.

1.  Tinker Bell is not running away from me.  Nor, sadly, is she turning round to stroke me.  She is an ornament.  It's just how the photographer chose to place her.

2.  Mikki insists Andrrew would get every award for "best husband" she could give.

3.  Did I tell you my humans were nos. 11 and 12 through the door of the first Disney Store to open in London?  Yes, they've been weird for a long time.

Back to business and to wish everyone a happy, lucky and successful 2012. I'm looking forward to a lot of new pictures with characters starting in just a few days time.


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