Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Getting Older?

I love going to nice places, like Disney parks, and putting up pictures of them.  But I live the rest of the year here in Lincolnshire (England) with my humans.  And they have an awful habit of teasing me.  A favourite trick is to make jokes about my age.  They wouldn't be allowed to do this about other humans.  I'm only 19 but they allege that's old for a cat.  Does anyone know how "toy cat years" translate to human years?

We've had problems recently because the humans have been buying silly things to put on the bed (which I allow them to share with me).  It started with some soft throw rugs Mikki bought from Disney World.  First there was a brown one with Mickey Mouse on.  In January, she added one of Cinderella Castle.  She likes them both but they have a habit of depositing fluff and fibres on me when I touch them.  The last straw has been a new undersheet that does the same.

Of course, the humans never accept responsibility.  They say it is my fault. They say I am getting old and my fur is getting stiff so it picks things up. For most of yesterday, they even put me on the bedside cabinet (Shelved!! Meeoow!).  I know they think it is all playful teasing, but a toy gets worried.  And I'm pleased to show you how things are now.  Andrew found this nice special sleeping bag for me so I can still get lots of cuddles without getting anything stuck in my fur.

The real worry for toys is not that we get old but that our humans do.  Mine are well past the age most stop playing with toys but they may still decide to stop looking after me and my "family".  I heard a rumour that there is a box in the garage where they have the toys they had as children (Mikki's bears and Andrew's lions) but even storage can't last for ever.

Oooh, give me a cuddle and let me sleep.  And next time, find me a nice picture from Walt Disney World.

Prrrrrr.  Zzzzzzz..

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Lots of good news here.  First, the snow's all gone.  This means the humans are a lot more cheerful and not fussing about cold or clearing the driveway.  It was nice to have them in the house cuddling me but you like a little time to yourself too.  They've been out delivering the village newslatter Mikki produces.

Next, our Disney Photopass pictures have arrived.  We have lots to look through, including some bonus ones with just the Disney characters on.  There wasn't one of Figaro but I continue to hope.

For more nice things, I thought I would let you see this picture of a lot of treasure.  It is another one taken backstage at the Magic Kingdom when President Obama was visiting.  I think the treasure chest float is one Tinker Bell sits on during the "Pirates and Princesses" parade.  Wouldn't it be nice if all those gold coins and jewels were real (and mine).  Well, actually, I wouldn't swap the humans for all of it.  They're the ones who cuddle me and take me to Disney World.  My treasure!!

OK, it was Valentine's Day this week.  The humans came over all soppy so I thought I had better be nice to them too.


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Oh to be in England (Epcot version)

Last night was the coldest of the winter to far.  Now I realise 4F (-15C) is not that cold for lots of people in North America (especially if you live as far north as we do) but it was jolly cold for England.  It certainly looked cold from the bedroom window - or I'm sure it would have done if I had got out from under the covers to look.

So here's a picture that shows England enjoying decent weather.  Yes, it's in the UK pavilion of World Showcase.  Andrew and I are sitting in the little square at the back. 

It's still possible to find a few quiet places - and a few quiet times - in the UK pavilion at Epcot and the square is often one of theose places.  There's too much noisy "music" around the front for us.  And there are far too many ill mannered tourists enjoying it (all seem to be Brits too - it's rather confusing).

Back here in the cold England, we have had the added complication that the heating broke down.  Fortunately, my clever Mikki found a way to make it work some of the time until the engineer came (today:  hooray).  So now it is a lot warmer near Andrew's PC and I can venture out to type my blog.

Oh to be in Epcot, now that February's here.


Monday, 6 February 2012

Florida a Memory - a happy one

It's been snowing.  I've been staying in bed - and I'm jolly pleased I am not a real cat who would have to go out in the garden.  So here's a nice picture from our holiday (vacation) and some news of what we have been doing since we got back.
Here I am with my humans when we met Pooh and Tigger towards the end of the trip near the International Gateway of Epcot.  The previous time we met, Tigger had been giving me Bouncing lessons so I was pleased to show him how well I was doing.  The camera didn't catch that bit but take my word for it:  Tigger was impressed!

Last weekend, we all went to Harrogate to tidy up Andrew's mother's flat before it is put on the market for sale (yes, she does know - and approve).  It was a tiring time for the humans.  I stayed in the car and in the hotel room where my humans had an overnight stay.

We left Harrogate about 1.00pm on Saturday and it had started to snow there.  We got ahead of the snow on the road (it was moving slowly:  my Mikki is a very safe driver).  Snow started at home in the evening and about 4 inches fell.  We were all jolly glad we had no need to go out the next day (Sunday).  By today it is thawing.  Even in our little village, driving is nothing like as difficult as during last year's snow and things are even better on the main road and in the town.

We went to Walt Disney World to be warm.  We were.  We watched the temperatures at home and we were always 25-30 deg F warmer where we were.  But now we are back and it is still cold, wet and miserable here.  Perhaps we should stay longer next year.  Meanwhile, I'll look out some more pictures to help remind me of how nice it was and what fun we had.

And I'll have another cuddle, please.

And then back to bed.