Monday, 29 July 2013

Familiar Characters

I like my picture with other Disney characters.  I always hope for new characters but I love the familiar ones too.  Here are some from the Hundred Acre Wood.
I think I've put up some pictures of Tigger on the blog previously and I have lots with Pooh so I thought it might be a little different to show this one of me playing around in his Hunny pot.  Disney are very clever with the Hunny pot.  I stood right on the hunny but hardly got sticky at all!

Next, here's one with Piglet.  The picture was taken at one of the character breakfasts at Crystal Palace.  They are a lot of fun even if a little noisy and busy.  The atmosphere's really happy.

Piglet's quite big, isn't he.  I admit I sometimes get confused by the size of characters at Walt Disney World.  But they all seem happy to give me a cuddle, so that's all right.

Finally, I have a picture with one character who doesn't look happy - Eeyore.  I do my best to cheer him up, letting him hold me and cuddling up to him, but his face doesn't change at all.

Someone has told Mikki there is a chance to see less familiar characters at the Studios before Fantasmic.  We'll probably try to find them, but meanwhile I am still very happy seeing the familiar characters:  Mickey, Minnie, princesses, fairies and even Pooh and friends.

They all give me cuddles.

Just two weeks until we set off!


Monday, 22 July 2013

Travelling in Style

Just three weeks until we leave home on our next trip to Florida and I am looking forward to a nice comfortable aeroplane ride.  My human Mikki did a very good deal when British Airways had a sale on earlier in the year.  She found she could go Club Class for very little more than the class we normally fly so booked it quickly.

I enjoy flying in style.  Here is a picture from the last time I did so.  This is Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic. My cousin Floppy Figaro was travelling with us.
Everyone was very nice to Floppy and me on the plane.  The humans had seats that turned into beds and for most of the time Floppy and I relaxed on those.  We didn't stay long on the bar stools.  You see, we don't drink.  We are toys!

The humans were able to travel one way on Upper Class using the loyalty points they had saved up over the years.

Another great feature about travelling in the more luxurious parts of the aeroplane is that you also get to go in a nice lounge at the airport.  Here I am with Mikki in the Virgin lounge at London Gatwick.
Things are getting closer and closer.  We are all getting excited and Mikki, who does most of the preparations, is working very hard.

Looking forward to a lot of fun.

And cuddles.

Prrr Prrr

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Four Weeks (plus a bit) to go

I'm starting to get excited about our next trip to Walt Disney World.  One of the things I like to do is to have my picture with the other Disney characters.  This is the sort of thing I mean.  Here I am with two of my favourite characters, Pinocchio (who appears in my film) and, of course, Mickey Mouse himself.

Yes, yes, it would be a little unusual to see these two together and I admit I have not seen them together in Walt Disney World.  This picture was taken in Paris a few years ago.  But I think it captures my excitement about pictures with characters.

I will also be happy (and my humans even more so) if I can gets lots of my pictures indoors in air conditioned rooms.  This will be the first time for many years that we have visited in August and it will be hot.  We do not intend to spend a lot of time standing in lines in the sun. In England, we are practising for the heat by having our first long hot spell for several years.  The temperatures are about 10 degrees F lower than Florida and it is already too hot for my humans.  They will be glad that there is lots of air conditioning in Florida.

We fly out 4 weeks from today (16th July).  We are visiting some other places as well so it will be a few days more than 4 weeks before we get to Walt Disney World. My humans have already arranged for me to meet up with some of my fans over there. Lots of opportunities for cuddles!  Prrrrrrrr