Saturday, 28 July 2012

Quirky, Crazy and very British

My humans watched some of the Olympic opening ceremony last night (Mikki watched more than Andrew:  once Andrew's in bed he doesn't stay awake for the television, whatever's showing).  They also recorded it and watched the rest today.

There was some clever story telling in it and some fun fantasy.  I was pleased when Mary Poppins turned up.  It reminded me of when my humans and I met her.  Somehow I have been left out of this photo taken during breakfast at the Grand Floridian resort.  I also met her in Epcot but she wasn't wearing her formal outfit then.

Walt Disney was a very clever story teller and never missed a trick with clever ideas.  I liked it when, in the original "Fantasia", Mickey Mouse went up to shake the hand of the conductor.  My humans saw this happen again, live, during the London premier of "Fantasia 2000" at the Royal Albert Hall.  By then it might seem an old trick, but the old ones are the best (as I keep telling the other toy Figaros in this house).

Generally, the Olympic opening ceremony has been called quirky, crazy, very British and things like that.  I suppose it was a bit crazy.  Then, British people do crazy but very nice things, like letting their toy cat write a Blog.

And giving him a cuddle.


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Bringing Happiness and Fun - Even Unintentially

As a toy, I'm used to letting humans have fun playing with me.  I don't get to choose the game.  As a Disney character, I know my job is to bring happiness to people.  So I'm well qualified both to tell you about my human Andrew bringing a little fun to people in our region - and to reassure him he has done well.

My first picture is a graphic used by Disney to illustrate their service theme.  It is the corporate "Mission Statement".  Andrew was given it as one of the papers for a management course he attended at Walt Disney World as long ago as 1991 (yes, before I lived with him at all).  It was called, "The Disney Approach".  The presenters told the delegates that the company was thinking of reducing it to just the three words, "We Create Happiness" - which brings me back to what I'm talking about today.

I may have mentioned that my human, Andrew, started using "Twitter". Some of the first people he "followed" were the local BBC weather forecasters.  They were sometimes amusing and he got the weather forecast without having to watch the rest of the BBC morning and evening programmes.

After getting more used to "Twitter", my human plucked up courage and started "tweeting" himself and (mischievous little thing he can be) sometimes sent replies to some of the weather people. Anyway, he finally decided it was time to send a nice message to them all at the tv station.

I now need to tell you that the station concerned is the BBC and the programme "Look North" based in Hull.  I think the weather people are all in Leeds.  That probably appeals to Andrew since he trained and worked in Leeds after growing up in Harrogate, which is just to the north.  There is often some banter between the presenter Peter Levy and the weather forecaster.  It's often silly and that may be why Andrew makes so much use of "Twitter" and web pages to see weather forecasts. But on Monday he happened to be watching when the banter started - and it was all about his message.  He was probably quite pleased but definitely surprised.  The forecaster, Paul Hudson, was very nice and thanked Andrew for his kind words but the presenter, Peter Levy, was trying to poke fun at my human.

I was able to comfort and reassure Andrew.  He had created a little fun and happiness to a few people.  I told him that in a troubled world where most of the news is sad, this is a rare and noble achievement.  Indeed, the challenge for him now is to avoid getting big-headed and think he can count on regular television appearances.  Like we toys, he can't think about himself but only what he does for others.  It's like Walt himself said, which was also quoted in his management course.

Incidentally, I can't be sure but it looks like Disney never changed the "Mission Statement" after all.  It's nice to know they are still a fairly traditional company.  I'm a fairly traditional character myself.

And Andrew, while you're in the mood of thinking of others, how about a cuddle for me?