Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hallowe'en on the Way

Since we moved to this village, we have held a party at Hallowe'en three times.  We missed last year (we were in Florida) so lots of friends have really been looking forward to this year's.  Mikki has been adding to a collection that already includes skulls, spiders, broomsticks, a bubbling cauldron and a "crystal" ball with a a cackling crone's head inside.

Here I am being introduced to something made of black tinsel with lights in it that they are trying to tell me is cat!  In fact, since taking the picture, they have bought another one that is even sillier:  It has long teeth and makes nasty noises (like the cat Goofy steps on in the "Philharmagic" pre-show).  At least it means they won't expect any of the Figaros to stand in as a black cat.

The party's on Saturday - a couple of days before the actual night - so we have two more days of decorating to go.  I think I'll just relax on the bed until they have time to come and cuddle me.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Treasures from Warwick Event

As you probably guessed, we did not come back from Disney Dave's event in Warwick empty handed.  Here I am being expected to admire some pewter figures of Mickey Mouse.

The humans were pleased to have them.  Mikki has some others but Disney do not seem to make or licence them these days.  The particular ones came from Conventions in the late 1990s.

I really don't know why they get so excited.  These are only ornaments - not toys.  And there is not even a cat of any sort in any of them.  Well, if it keeps the humans happy . ..


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Disney Dave's Fall Event

We have just come back from a fun weekend with our friends Dave and Carol at his fall (autumn) event in Warwick.

Dave and Carol used to run the shop, "Castle China" in Warwick.  They had to give up the premises when the landlord got greedy but they still run the business over the internet and visit shows or hold special events of their own.

During the day, they had a few presentations and films as well as a raffle, auction and lots of time to drool over (or buy) the latest pieces.  No Figaros, though.  They had artwork of Pinocchio, Geppetto, and even the insect - but no Figaro (Meow)!

In the eveing the humans all went off to a restaurant to eat and enjoy themselves.

Here I am playing on an inflatable Mickey Mouse outside the meeting room.  It's a good picture of my human, Andrew too, don't you think?


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Golden Dumbo

Here's another of the pictures Andrew has put on the desktop of his new computer.

The picture was taken during our visit to California in 2005 - the golden anniversary of Disneyland park.  For that year, they put gold coloured ride vehicles next to each of the attractions that was there on opening day.  Here we are on Dumbo.

 Neither Andrew nor I are too sure about the picture and it may not stay.  Andrew fusses about it having a complicated background (the Dumbo ride).  He prefers pictures with plain backgrounds so that the icons on his desktop show up well.  I am more concerned at all the other cats in the picture.  Sometimes, I like having little Travelling Beanie with us because he does the dangerous stunt pictures.  If we had used the moving ride to do the picture on Dumbo's ear, then I might have offered it to  him.  Well, at least we all look like we're enjoying ourselves.


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hard At Work

Yes, my human Andrew has a new computer and has decided it is time to take a picture of me at work at it.  It's really quite silly.  Apart from showing me in a very undignified position, it doesn't even show the new computer.  He kept the old keyboard.

Well, for those people who want to know how I do all the typing, here it is.  Sometimes I also dictate to one of the humans.  When I do that, I always get the other one (Mikki) to check for spelling and other typing mistakes.

Back to more interesting subjects soon (I hope).