Sunday, 21 September 2014


Yes, it's me:  finally back to my blog.  I'll again remind everyone that you can see me on Instagram too:  andrew1987young

There are lots of things to tell you about but the first is a rather strange one.  Lots of my fellow Disney toys are moving out.
There are 38 Mickey or Minnie beanies in this picture and the humans put them all in a box and left the house with it.  They were all very carefully wrapped but I think they have now gone for ever.

I'm not sure what I think about this.  They were all very cute little toys even though I never allowed any of them near the bed but sometimes I think my human Mikki treated them more like ornaments.  A lot of those in the picture were on a shelf in her study and never moved ("Shelved!").  The rest were in a large plastic box ("Storage!!").  It may be they are going to a better life where there is a collector who appreciates them specially or even a child who will play with them.  I certainly hope so.

And now, Mikki has a bit of empty shelf  I suspect it will not be for long.

More soon, I hope.