Thursday, 28 April 2011

Play Nicely

Tomorrow, we set off for the weekend Disney fan convention in Birmingham so the humans have been getting together all the Disney things they are willing to sell. There are lots of storage crates scattered about the house being filled up. Here's one in the picture.

Yes, the humans could not help trying to tease me by putting me in the box for sale. I am pleased to report I only spent a few minutes there while Andrew took my picture. After that, he gave me a reassuring cuddle and put me back on the bed.

After a lot of thought, I have decided I will go in the car with the humans to the sale. They will be away for several days and they need me. Also, I can get some interesting photos even if I don't go near the Convention itself.

I think we have lots of interesting things and hope they find good homes. You can see our Mickey Mouse telephone in the picture. We don't use it now but it is very cute/ Mickey's voice takes the place of a bell. He says things like, "Oh Boy! A phone call." and "I wonder who it could be". Surely, this is a treasure for a true Disney fan.

But no, as of writing, there are no Figaroes - not even pictures of Figaro - in the sale. The humans must have been trying to tease me all the time. Come on kids, play nicely. And give me another cuddle.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Doctor Who

In case anyone didn't know, Disney has not always been my humans' only passion. Doctor Who was as childhood favourite of both of them and the show returned this weekend.

So, here is a picture of me getting out of our TARDIS. That's my cousin, Big Softy (because he is bigger and softer than me) on top. He has spent most of his time siting on the TARDIS - so much so that the humans sometimes refer to it as "his".

The TARDIS is actually a video cabinet (yes, it goes back to the days of VHS tapes). Andrew used to tell visitors that it could hold a thousand tapes. If anyone looked like they might believe him, he would add, "and that's just in the first room". It used to have videos in it - both Doctor Who ones and Disney ones. Now the tapes have almost all been replaced by DVDs (stored elsewhere) and there is a mixture of things in it. Among them are actually two Daleks.

My humans, like many of their generation, reveal their age mot clearly when asked who (from the "classic" series) was their Doctor. Andrew's was William Hartnell and Mikki's was Jon Pertwee. So she grew up with the original appearances of that great assistant, Sarah Jane Smith. So any celebration over the return of the tv show this week has been totally overshaddowed by the news of the death of Elisabeth Sladen, the actress who played Sarah Jane. My humans had really loved her new series - even if it was supposed to be directed at children. It seemed to have much of the magic of their old, "classic" Doctor Who. Also, they could not help saying Elisabeth Sladen looked better and better with the years. Sadly, cancer is no respector of age.

Oh dear. This is sad. I need a cuddle.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Disneyana Sale

My humans are going to a Disney fan convention this month and have booked a table where they can sell things. This is the second year the convention has been run and they sold some things last year. Yes, this is not a joke! My humans have actually sold some of their Disney stuff - and enough to think it is worth repeating with even more items of the sort that were popular last year.

Well, it is true that even after moving from London to a much bigger house, there are still crates full of Disney mementos in the garage. These include some really interesting pieces, like the cutouts they got out at Christmas after the flood (see my "Saved from the Flood" post on 17th January).

The problem is that the humans have been getting rather more enthusiastic. They have started looking through things in the house. Mikki has been going through her books of trading pins and finding quite a few she is willing to sell. The really worringing thing is when she started talking about some of the toys. Ornaments, books and trading pins are one thing but toys are totally different. It has even reached the stage of saying some of my family could go. Yes, most of them don't do much apart from sitting about in the guest bedroom but they are family. We have had pictures taken together like this one of us watching one of our favourite classic cartoons.

That's me on the cushion in the middle of the armchair. Standing near the footstool a little apart from the others, you should see "No.2", the one who has lived here longest apart from me. He is a similar design except that his eyes are different and he hasn't been cuddled nearly as much so he still has lots of fur round his head. We call him "Fiery Figaro" because his eyes make him look cross. He also still has a tag on him so the humans say he is more saleable.

This is serious stuff. All this talk started yesterday so it is not "April Fool". I am just trying to treat it that way to stop it going too far. The humans claim that - like Woody and Buzz - we will all have to move on sometime and if it is at a Disney fan convention there is a better chance of going to a good home. I don't think my fellow Figaros are convinced.

I think I will start posting lots of pictures of things I am prepared to sell. Tinker Bell, where are you?