Monday, 12 August 2013

Disney Pin Trading

My humans and I have been visiting Walt Disney World for a long time now.  We remember lots of changes.  One big one is the arrival of ;in trading as a "big thing".  Like everything, it appeals to some people more than others.  You can meet some lovely people through it - but also some rogues who will try to rip you off.  It can get very expensive - but it can also give you fascinating a beautiful mementos at a much smaller cost (and taking up much less space) than some alternatives.

My Mikki has enjoyed some pin trading over the years although she is much less active now than once.  We have a collection of various pins.  Obviously, Mikki collects Mickey.  Less obviously, Andrew has a small collection of Tinker Bell.  Here I am with my favourite pins.
There are nothing like as many Figaro pins as for some other characters.  Some people say this is because he is not popular but I can't believe that.  I think it must be because he is rare and special.  Whatever the reason, it means that I never get any objection when I see one and tell my humans to buy it or trade for it.  They really are beautiful, aren't they?

But not as cuddly.


Oh, we're off now so maybe no posts until I'm back.  We fly to Florida tomorrow and are in WDW from next Monday.

Monday, 5 August 2013

The Moods of Minnie Mouse

Just a week to go until we set out for our trip to Walt Disney World and I am still thinking about the fun I am going to have with the other Disney characters.

In the classic shorts, Figaro lives with Minnie Mouse so it's natural that we all want to see her.  Here is a picture of her being very nice with me when we visited in January this year.  This was taken at the temporary "Character Spot" in Epcot.
Minnie was very nice for this photo.  About the worst thing is that you will see my humans made me wear "mouse ears".  How undignified!  I have noted the hat is still about in our house and has been seen near the packing for this trip.  I would arrange for it to get lost but I suppose they'd only buy a new one.  My Mikki can get so determined.

Here is Minnie again on a different visit during our January stay.  No, that's not me.  It's our latest addition to the Figaro family, named "Twin".  This is because he is quite old and looks like I did when I was new.  Poor "Twin" has not had a lot of cuddles like I have but has, I fear, spent a lot of his time in sto**ge.  We like to give all the new arrivals their chance of a picture with characters - but only once.  Twin is not going anywhere near the packing this time.

And here's Minnie Mouse in a very different, and unusual, mood.  Mikki caught this shot of her in the "Character Spot" before its latest revamp.
Mikki was almost as surprised as the cast member "minder" and the families in the line behind us when Minnie grabbed Andrew as if to take him for herself.  We didn't get photographic evidence of her holding up her hand to push Mikki away.  And in case anyone from Disney is reading this, Mikki isn't jealous really.  We love this sort of silliness!

And I need not remind anyone that I love cuddles too.