Monday, 31 January 2011

Tiana and Prince Naveen

Enough of the nasty winter in England: it's time to think warm happy thoughts and get back to the other characters who have met me in Walt Disney World. Here I am with Tiana and Prince Naveen in the Magic Kingdom. One of my humans took this while we were visiting in October last year. It was while Mikki's sister and family were with us so their two little princesses had pictures as well.

We have also seen the film on television since we got home. It's quite charming in its way. I wasn't so sure about some of the supporting animal characters - but then Walt's animators set the standard for them very high from the start (well, the second feature at least).

Monday, 17 January 2011

Saved from the Flood

Did I tell you about the flood just before Christmas? In case I did, I'll just do a quick recap. A couple of days before Christmas, Mikki was having trouble using the shower. It was very cold and we suspected a pipe may have frozen. In the afternoon, she was walking outside the garage and heard a strange noise. She opened the door and - woosh - water several inches deep flooded out.
Yes, a pipe in the garage had burst (well, actually, come apart at a join - so it was easy for the plumber to fix). We had only one night without water or heating.
The big job then was to rescue as much as we could of the things in the garage that had got wet. Fortunately, lots of things are in plastic crates (no holes) or on shelves but there was still a lot to move and dry out - and quite a bit that had to be taken to the tip!
I was most worried about some large Disney cutouts. These are cutouts of various characters. I think they were sales material used in stores. There are things from Snow White, including a complete cottage with the seven dwarfs and some brooms with Mickey from Fantasia. You won't be surprised to know which is my personal favourite - it's shown in the picture.
Fortunately, all the cutouts were saved. They had been in boxes and we got to them before any lasting damage was done. The spent a week or so combining drying out and enhancing the Christmas decorations in the house.
Some of the cutouts - including Snow White's cottage - will be going to a Disneyana sale we are planning to attend in Birminghan (England) at the end of April. Figaro will, of course, be staying with us.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Snow has Gone

Happy New Year everybody.

The snow has now gone from our village and things are settling down to normal. At least, I hope they are: there is plenty of winter to go. The last few days it has just been rain. At least we can get out in that without worrying about slipping every step.

I thought I would use this picture as my - belated - Christmas picture and another illustration of how cold it was. It was so cold even our smowman didn't want to go outside in it. Yes, the humans have an illuminated artificial snowman and up to now he as stood outside the front door over Christmas to welcome guests. This Christmas he stayed indoors - in the dining room so he could watch the humans have Christmas dinner.

No, I wasn't upset that I wasn't invited to sit with the humans for Christmas dinner. Toys don't eat and I didn't want to risk those clumsy animals spilling food and drink on my fur. Of course, I got a few extra cuddles.

With the New Year, the humans are saying lots of things about doing more things they want to do this year - like helping me with my Blog. Well, we'll see.