Thursday, 20 June 2013

An English Summer

Tomorrow will be the longest day of the year, so some people might think we were enjoying high summer.  No, this is England.  Far too many of the summer days have been like this one.  And that's even when the weather forecasters promise it will brighten up by the afternoon.

Would you believe this window has the finest view from our house - when it's not raining?

But we have had just a couple of nice evenings in the last couple of weeks - and when they happen it is a delight to get out in the sunshine.  Sometimes the humans invite friends and neighbours round to relax on the deck beside the river that runs along the bottom of our garden.  Sometimes we just all go down and relax on our own.

Those few days when we can get into the garden or relax by the river like this are instant reminders of how little we miss London.

Sunshine is also a reminder of when we will next be in Walt Disney World (Prrrr).  It will be August.  That's normally far too hot for us but we have to go then because we are meeting some friends at a (non-Disney) event on the same trip.  Only a couple of months to go.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

My Humans Went to London

My humans, Mikki and Andrew, went to London this week.  It was only an overnight stay but I was still a little disappointed that they didn't take me.  It's not that I wanted to do anything in London:  I just like being with them.  I don't think the weather was that good either.  You can see Mikki is wearing a coat in this picture they brought back.

For anyone who doesn't recognise it, the picture was taken in Trafalgar Square. That's the National Gallery behind Mikki and she and Andrew visited it and the adjoining National Portrait Gallery while they were there.

Andrew once worked close to the Square and could pop into these Galleries during a lunchtime, but Mikki  did not know them as well and was fascinated at all the lovely pictures inside.  She specially liked the pictures by Monet of his garden at Giverny.  She brought back a magnet and a coffee mug of one of them.  It is a picture of the bridge she has stood on.  It's the same bridge as in the picture I've shown you with Mickey and Minnie Mouse standing on the bridge - but it's not quite the same picture (even without Mickey and Minnie).  Here's a photograph of the magnet on show back at home.

Well, it's good to have the humans back home.  I have missed them and I am sure they have missed me.  We've had some nice cuddles since they got back - but we could have some more.. Yes, now!