Sunday, 25 September 2011

Warning: Human has New Computer

Andrew has a new computer.  He is very pleased with the box and associated hardware.  He boutght it from a company called PC Specialist.  Mikki got her present one from the same company so was able to recommend them.

One of the good points is that this company does not load up lots of software you don't want - so the processor works on things you want and the desktop is not cluttered with lots of silly icons.  That leaves plenty of room for a nice background picture (or twenty) - which will lead me eventually to explaining today's photo.

The problem - as you probably guessed - is that a new PC means getting to grips with Windows 7.  Andrew has poor eyesight and remembers how much time and effort it took him to get XP to produce a screen he could use.  At least that experience prepared him to find the Windows 7 high contrast colour schemes approved by Microsoft would not suit him.  He had not been prepared for Microsoft changing the features of the "Magnifier" so that it will no longer work the way he liked.  Mikki even went onto a Microsoft help forum to ask a question.  Eventually, someone from Microsoft replied acknowledging Windows 7 can't do what Andrew was used to, suggested we buy third party software, and helpfully added a total disclaimer of liability!

Meanwhile, Andrew has had some fun with setting up pictures to run in sequence on his Desktop.  I am pleased that I was able to help with some suggestions.  Here is one of the pictures he put up.

We were visiting Andrew's family in Yorkshire when this was taken.  We had a trip out to a place called Fountains Abbey.  These are the largest abbey ruins in England and a World Heritage Site.  This shot was taken in the associated water gardens known as Studley Royal.  They were built in the georgian period and include lots of lovely statues, mock classical temples and so on.

Yes, you can see the Humans made me stand in the dirt for this picture.  This was a few years ago.  I don't think I would allow that now.

I can think of other nice pictures Andrew could put on his computer.  Perhaps I will share them with you too.

Meanwhile Andrew, take it steady and we will work things out for you.  Calm down.  Relax. Give your toy kitten a cuddle.  Prrrrrr

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Bye Bye Magic

It's time to say goodbye to our latest cruise on Disney Magic - and what better image that one of me with Mickey and Minnie Mouse latken on the last day!

They were, of course, both delighted to see me.  I am sure Minnie recognised me immediately.  She gave me a nice cuddle.

We spent one more day in Barcelona before flying home.  England in September is rather cooler than the Mediterranean in August but I don't mind really (I stay on the bed most of the time).  Mikki is already looking forward to her next trip to Walt Disney World - in January.  She has been making dining reservations.


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Still At Sea

We are getting close to the end of our cruise and I thought I should mention our cabin - where we did spend a lot of our time.  Here I am with Mikki on the balcony.
We had a very nice lady looking after our cabin.  She was very helpful with things like getting the humans glasses for their wine.  She was eagle-eyed to see us leave and tidy up the room as soon as she could.  She also left lots of lovely animals made out of the towels.  The humans took some photos of some of them but I'm not in them.

At the end of the cruise, my humans were happy to give our "stateroom host" more than the recommended gratuity.  They also did this for the hard working assistant server in the restaurants.  The same could not be said of the server himself, and especially of the Head Server.  I don't think they wee too happy about paying him at all but I can't say much because I didn't go into the restaurants for the evening meals.

Since we are coming towards the end, I thought I would make my other picture one of Walt Disney himself outside the Walt Disney Theatre.


Thursday, 15 September 2011

At Sea with the Pirates

The pictures were taken during our "day at sea" after Disney Magic left Italy. The first one is when I got Captain Jack Sparrow to hold me. He has never been willing to do this in Walt Disney World. When we have met him there, he has had some of his pirate crew with him and ordered one of them to perform this task. I think my Mikki persuaded him this time by claiming that she had stolen me from Minnie Mouse - so I qualified as a pirate cat!
The other picture was taken the same day near the shops.

I will soon have reported most of the highlights of the cruise and get back to what has happened since. Sadly, I may be unable to post for a few days because Andrew is getting a new computer and it is his I use for the Blog. This means that both he and I are going to have to learn how to set up and use the new one. I expect quite a few days of frustration and upset before Andrew gets things as he would like them. Only then will he let me near the new machine. Meanwhile, I will have to let him give me cuddles to calm him down. How fortunate for him he has such a delightful little toy cat.

By the way, Mikki didn't steal me from Minnie Mouse: she bought me from the Disney Store in Liverpool. I am a Toy!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Somewhere in Italy

Here is a picture of my humans, Mikki and Andrew, taken during their big day out from our cruise.

The picture was taken by a friend during their trip to Sorento and Pompeii. I don't really know where they were exactly - because I wasn't there! I was a little disappointed. After all, "Figaro" is an italian name and my feature film was set in Italy even if it was entirely made in a studio in southern California (also, Figaro, it was set in northern Italy and we were near Naples, southern Italy).

The humans went on to walk round the ruins of the Roman town of Pompeii. Some other friends have sent messages saying they hoped I hadn't been taken there because I might have got dusty and had to have another bath!! Meeoww! So perhaps all was well in the end.

The humans said they enjoyed Pompeii a lot.

After that, it was back on the Disney Magic for a day at sea before stopping at Palma and then returning to Barcelona.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Food on the Cruise

Here I am in Lumiere's, which was probably my humans' favourite restaurant (of the main three - Palo is in a class of its own). This had nothing to do with the dinner service but it was the one they went to most for breakfast or lunch.

For dinners, my humans shared a table with three nice couples from the USA. Over the week, they all learned the trick of taking a glass of wine in with you to avoid paying Disney prices. One even managed to fit a whole bottle of wine into two glasses!

The humans had a man as their server and a nice hard working lady assistant with a cute french sounding name. The server took the orders each evening. At the end of the cruise, my humans adjusted the recommended gratuities to reflect who they thought had done the work. The assistant got more than the server. Andrew wondered how many of the serving teams had the man as the "boss" and a woman assistant. Mikki looked around and thought there were quite a lot. I wonder how many people have been on cruises where they had females in charge and male assistants.

Getting a good cup of coffee was difficult. The first day, the humans got room service to deliver early morning coffee and orange juice. The coffee tasted like it had been on the stove all night! The orange juice was poorly mixed concentrate. For the rest of the cruise, the coffee was just very weak. The orange stayed the same.

Here I am outside Cove Cafe. Andrew had one cup of coffee he liked here but somehow it was never the same when he asked again. Wasn't he glad to get ashore in Italy! I was happy relaxing with him anywhere.

Seriously, all this didn't matter much. I can survive on cuddles alone.