Monday, 5 September 2011

Somewhere in Italy

Here is a picture of my humans, Mikki and Andrew, taken during their big day out from our cruise.

The picture was taken by a friend during their trip to Sorento and Pompeii. I don't really know where they were exactly - because I wasn't there! I was a little disappointed. After all, "Figaro" is an italian name and my feature film was set in Italy even if it was entirely made in a studio in southern California (also, Figaro, it was set in northern Italy and we were near Naples, southern Italy).

The humans went on to walk round the ruins of the Roman town of Pompeii. Some other friends have sent messages saying they hoped I hadn't been taken there because I might have got dusty and had to have another bath!! Meeoww! So perhaps all was well in the end.

The humans said they enjoyed Pompeii a lot.

After that, it was back on the Disney Magic for a day at sea before stopping at Palma and then returning to Barcelona.

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