Thursday, 15 September 2011

At Sea with the Pirates

The pictures were taken during our "day at sea" after Disney Magic left Italy. The first one is when I got Captain Jack Sparrow to hold me. He has never been willing to do this in Walt Disney World. When we have met him there, he has had some of his pirate crew with him and ordered one of them to perform this task. I think my Mikki persuaded him this time by claiming that she had stolen me from Minnie Mouse - so I qualified as a pirate cat!
The other picture was taken the same day near the shops.

I will soon have reported most of the highlights of the cruise and get back to what has happened since. Sadly, I may be unable to post for a few days because Andrew is getting a new computer and it is his I use for the Blog. This means that both he and I are going to have to learn how to set up and use the new one. I expect quite a few days of frustration and upset before Andrew gets things as he would like them. Only then will he let me near the new machine. Meanwhile, I will have to let him give me cuddles to calm him down. How fortunate for him he has such a delightful little toy cat.

By the way, Mikki didn't steal me from Minnie Mouse: she bought me from the Disney Store in Liverpool. I am a Toy!!

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