Thursday, 1 September 2011

Food on the Cruise

Here I am in Lumiere's, which was probably my humans' favourite restaurant (of the main three - Palo is in a class of its own). This had nothing to do with the dinner service but it was the one they went to most for breakfast or lunch.

For dinners, my humans shared a table with three nice couples from the USA. Over the week, they all learned the trick of taking a glass of wine in with you to avoid paying Disney prices. One even managed to fit a whole bottle of wine into two glasses!

The humans had a man as their server and a nice hard working lady assistant with a cute french sounding name. The server took the orders each evening. At the end of the cruise, my humans adjusted the recommended gratuities to reflect who they thought had done the work. The assistant got more than the server. Andrew wondered how many of the serving teams had the man as the "boss" and a woman assistant. Mikki looked around and thought there were quite a lot. I wonder how many people have been on cruises where they had females in charge and male assistants.

Getting a good cup of coffee was difficult. The first day, the humans got room service to deliver early morning coffee and orange juice. The coffee tasted like it had been on the stove all night! The orange juice was poorly mixed concentrate. For the rest of the cruise, the coffee was just very weak. The orange stayed the same.

Here I am outside Cove Cafe. Andrew had one cup of coffee he liked here but somehow it was never the same when he asked again. Wasn't he glad to get ashore in Italy! I was happy relaxing with him anywhere.

Seriously, all this didn't matter much. I can survive on cuddles alone.


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