Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cruising with Character

We were on a Disney cruise so naturally there were often Disney characters about. I got to play with some and I also had some pictures. The first to play with me was Pluto. My humans and I had recently boarded and he was waving down to other arrivals from the deck above the entrance. He broke off to play with me a little. I am always a little careful with Pluto. He is a d*g; he has a history of chasing my character and he has put me in his mouth before now. This time, he was very good and gentle.

We didn't get a picture of Pluto but here are a couple of those we did. These two pictures were both taken in the Atrium and on the same day.

The first picture is from my own feature film and I am with the little wooden boy and the insect. Pinnocchio recognised me at once and was very happy to see me. He gave me a nice cuddle. Prr. Prr. The ship's newsletter for the day said it was quite rare for Jiminy to make an appearance so I suppose it was nice to have a picture of them together.

In my other picture, I am with Lilo and Stitch. Stitch was also very good and gentle but I was glad Lilo didn't let go of me. I had seen Stitch playing around with some of his other visitors.

The atrium was a nice place to have pictures taken but it wasn't the only spot on the ship. I had some taken on the next deck up in various locations and one even up by the family pool - I was very brave to go near the water even if it was to see Chip and Dale!


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