Wednesday, 24 August 2011

All Aboard

Here are my first pictures from the Disney Magic. Anyone who's been aboard will recognise the statue as the one in the main atrium (where you come aboard) outside "Lumiere's" restaurant. For anyone who only knows "Disney Wonder", it is where that ship has Ariel's statue.

I'm not sure I liked the statue that much. Mickey's costume reminded me (and my humans) of the "SS Totally Sinkable" on the effects tour there used to be in the Studios. That's hardly the image you want for a cruise.

Towards the end of the cruise, we met three captains in one day: Mckey Mouse, Jack Sparrow and a human called Marco. I think he's the one who really commands the ship but I didn't go with the humans to meet him. My second picture is with captain Mickey. Look, he's giving me a nice little stroke.

Yes, I got one with Jack Sparrow too - but you'll have to wait for that.


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