Thursday, 25 August 2011

Different Things

There are lots of things for the humans to do on a ship like "Disney Magic" - even when they are not looking for characters for me to have a picture with! And the great thing is that the two of them can do different things.

On our first day out of Barcelona, Andrew and I relaxed on comfy deck chairs (Andrew reading) while Mikki went ashore to see Monte Carlo. Here are some pictures. Andrew took the one of me but I don't know who took the one of Mikki.

Andrew liked relaxing and reading on the quiet shaded deck (Deck 4). The chairs were quite comfortable. It was also a good job so few of them were being used because lots and lots of them were broken. They were alright for lying on but if you tried to adjust them to a more upright position (as for reading), most of them collapsed on you without warning. Fortunately, of course, this didn't worry me.

Mikki saw a motor car museum and the "changing of the guard" at the prince's palace. I don't think that was up to Buckingham Palace standards and I am not sure my humans want to admit they lived over 20 years in London and never saw that. In the picture, she's standing above the yacht harbour. Monte Carlo is a place where you really need your yacht to be very expensive! Toy cats are a lot more ecomonic - and in my view much more rewarding.


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