Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Memories

My title is the title of a book Mikki got in the post (mail) yesterday.  It is a special hard back collectors' edition of the "Celebrations" magazine Mikki gets.  It is just full of wonderful pictures of Walt Disney World at Christmas.  I haven't found any of a black and white kitten but Mikki is really enjoying it.
There are lots of large model displays among Disney's Christmas decorations.  This one, of a funfair, was in the Boardwalk Villas:  incidentally, just about the only DVC location on property where we have not stayed.

And talking of things coming in the mail, Andrew's temporary disabled person's parking permit also arrived yesterday.  That's just a week since Mikki spoke to the Osceola County office about it.  She was impressed that they could immediately call up all Andrew's details from our visit in 2010 and sent it off as soon as they had the credit card payment.  I am told this may not be typical of every US local government office but it is certanly not typical of the UK public serrvice (who are mostly on strike today).

I think I'd like a cuddle for Christmas.  How about a practice?


Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Past

Today's Christmas picture is from one of our previous trips to Walt Disney World.  It wasn't the humans' first trip during December but it may have been the first one where they understood I am the star of the pictures (training them properly takes time).  It was 1999.  I don't know what camera they were using either (I'm cast, not crew!) but I'm pleased to know things have improved over the years.

I'm not quite sure where the picture was taken but the boat on the tree makes me think it is likely to be the lobby area of the Yacht Club.

Yes, this is from the time when I had lots more fur round my head and on my chest.  I really think it's much better to be distinctive, individual, not just any Figaro, me, No.1.

But if you must feel sorry for me, you can always comfort me with a cuddle.


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Nearly 19

Christmas is also my birthday.   I suppose it's a sort of "official" birthday.  It's the day when my "life" with my humans started: when Mikki gave me to Andrew.  That was in 1992.  I will be 19 this year.  They keep teasing me that I'm getting old and losing my fur.  19 may be old for a real cat but surely it's nothing for a well cared for and loved toy (isn't it?).

My first picture was taken on December 26, 1992 and the second one in August this year. 

The way I see it, this just shows that I am a well loved Figaro.  It also means I am a one and only.  It's like Woody having a stitched shirt and Andy's name on the sole of his boot.  I am me.  I am unique.  Everyone knows it is me they meet in Walt Disney World.  Accept No Imitations.

And not having lots of hair makes one look so distinguished - don't you think, Andrew?

It also means nobody need feel any hesitation in picking me up and cuddling me. .


Oh Chdristmas Tree

Here I am in the Villas (the DVC bit) at Wilderness Lodge.  We like Wilderness Lodge any time (I think Andrew just likes places that are a bit darker) but the theming really fits with Christmas.  When we have been there, it has almost always been very quiet and peaceful in these lounge areas downstairs at the Villas.

Today, it's beautifully sunny here in Lincolnshire:  dry but windy and cold.  I went out in the car with the humans while they were delivering something round the village for a friend.  I like car rides so I can get cuddles from Andrew (Mikki is driving!).  We came home and Mikki put on "Disney Cinemagique":  Toy Story 3.  I think it was towards the end but I don't know because Andrew turned my face away from the TV, covered my ears and gave me a lot of nice strokes.  Later, it's "Tangled".  

Oh, I found the recipe for the gingerbread house in my last post:  820 lbs of sugar; 135 lbs of butter; 1040 eggs; 150 lbs of chocolate chips; 470 lbs of flour; 2 lbs of baking soda.  Bake in a very large oven (I could have guessed that bit).

I still think it's just as well toys don't eat.  We don't need to go out and get exercise either.


Saturday, 26 November 2011

Christmas Coming: The American Adventure

Thanksgiving is over so I can think about the next holiday: Christmas.  I've had lots of nice pctures taken with Christmas decorations in Walt Disney World so now I can share some of them with you.

Here I am in front of the gingerbread house in "The American Adventure" in Epcot.  Its so big I guess you could really live in it (or, as happened, sell cakes and gingerbread from it). It did look rather edible but I suspect it wasn't really.  And how would I know: I'm a toy cat.  They have several sort of edible creations around WDW at Christmas time and these houses are about the simplest. I look good in pictures with all of them.



Thursday, 24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, U.S.A.

My humans and I have been in the USA twice over Thanksgiving.  It was quite good fun although, of course, it doesn't have the same meaning for toy kittens or British people.  Anyway, I hope everyone in the US is enjoying the time with their families.  I really don't mind if you haven't read this until a few days later!

The best picture I could think of for Thanksgiving is this one of me with Pocahontas.  I hope nobody thinks this shows disrespect for - or even total ignorance of - American traditions.  Disney are hardly famous for slavishly following facts or an original story but I don't think even they claimed Pocahontas was part of the first Thanksgiving.  That owes more to my humans' love of the film "Addams Family Values" and the wonderful performance of Christina Ricci as Wednesday.

My humans learned more of the real traditions of Thanksgiving the year they decided to visit Wal-Mart the next day.  Gosh, that was an experience!

Meanwhile, Mikki has continued preparations for our trip to WDW.  Yesterday, she filled in the ESTA forms and got approval for the humans to enter the USA.  Lucky for her they didn't ask difficult questions - like "Do you like Pumpkin Pie?".

Happy Thanksgiving.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Christmas is coming (yes yes, US followers have to get Thanksgiving over first) and after Christmas I have got the humans to bring me back to Walt Disney World.  So I thought it was high time to get myself in the mood by sharing a few more pictures of me with other Disney characters.  Here is Duffy, The Disney Bear.

Duffy had a little pavilion of his own near the entrance to World Showcase.  I think the idea was that he could tour the whole world without leaving Epcot!

Duffy was very nice and held me just right for the photo.  The other great thing about Duffy (if I have got things right) is that he started off as a toy before he was a park character.  That gave me an idea.  If the Disney guys are still feeling reluctant about making a park character of Figaro the cat in Pinocchio (aka Minnie Mouse's cat), they can again model their character on a toy.  I am ready and willing - and will be over there in January.


Thursday, 17 November 2011

Lake District Party

We are just back home from the annual party in the English Lake District we have gone to for the last three years.  The party itself ended on Monday but we went to visit Andrew's brother and mother before coming home.

The party is good fun with a lot of nice people (even if one or two of them made jokes about someone called "Postman Pat" when they saw me!).  There are two big fancy dress evening parties and this year one of them was to the theme, "Toy Shop".  Disney characters were allowed so a lot of people thought they could guess who Mikki would come as.  She didn't because she had been Mickey Mouse last year for a "Hollywood" theme.  She was a "Spacehopper".

As you can see, I was much more interested in who Andrew came as.  He cleverly combined Disney Character with Toy by going not just as Figaro but as Toy Figaro: i.e. me.  I went with him.

Doesn't he look cute?  Come on give us both a cuddle.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Party Pictures

 I didn't go to my humans' Hallowe'en party but I did have a look round the house after they had got it decorated for the night.  Here are a few pictures.

The tape was on the staircase and faced visitors as they came in the door.  There was other tape - with a variety of messages - outside, wrapped round the gates and railings (yes, our house has some nice tall iron gates - just right for spooky).

Inside, two rooms were converted into "dungeons" by covering the walls to look like a dark stone chamber.  They various skulls, chains and body parts were scattered about.  Mikki decided not to bother showing you a picture in either of them.

Over the years they have been holding this party, the humans have collected quite a few items that not only look creepy but "do something".  One is a cauldron that bubbles over with white mist.  Another is this crystal ball.  Make a noise near it and the head of an old crone lights up and cackles to you. The new one this year was a gargoyle.  When you made a noise near him, "blood" spouted from his mouth.  Meeowww.

Never forget my humans are Disney fans and they were in Walt Disney World about this time last year, so some of Mickey Mouse's "not so scary" items get in too.

Now it's November and all the decorations are down (until they get out the Christmas ones). 

Next big event is our weekend in the English Lake District.  One night there will be a fancy dress party with a theme of "Toys".  I have decided to let Andrew go as me!