Thursday, 3 November 2011

Party Pictures

 I didn't go to my humans' Hallowe'en party but I did have a look round the house after they had got it decorated for the night.  Here are a few pictures.

The tape was on the staircase and faced visitors as they came in the door.  There was other tape - with a variety of messages - outside, wrapped round the gates and railings (yes, our house has some nice tall iron gates - just right for spooky).

Inside, two rooms were converted into "dungeons" by covering the walls to look like a dark stone chamber.  They various skulls, chains and body parts were scattered about.  Mikki decided not to bother showing you a picture in either of them.

Over the years they have been holding this party, the humans have collected quite a few items that not only look creepy but "do something".  One is a cauldron that bubbles over with white mist.  Another is this crystal ball.  Make a noise near it and the head of an old crone lights up and cackles to you. The new one this year was a gargoyle.  When you made a noise near him, "blood" spouted from his mouth.  Meeowww.

Never forget my humans are Disney fans and they were in Walt Disney World about this time last year, so some of Mickey Mouse's "not so scary" items get in too.

Now it's November and all the decorations are down (until they get out the Christmas ones). 

Next big event is our weekend in the English Lake District.  One night there will be a fancy dress party with a theme of "Toys".  I have decided to let Andrew go as me!


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