Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Christmas is coming (yes yes, US followers have to get Thanksgiving over first) and after Christmas I have got the humans to bring me back to Walt Disney World.  So I thought it was high time to get myself in the mood by sharing a few more pictures of me with other Disney characters.  Here is Duffy, The Disney Bear.

Duffy had a little pavilion of his own near the entrance to World Showcase.  I think the idea was that he could tour the whole world without leaving Epcot!

Duffy was very nice and held me just right for the photo.  The other great thing about Duffy (if I have got things right) is that he started off as a toy before he was a park character.  That gave me an idea.  If the Disney guys are still feeling reluctant about making a park character of Figaro the cat in Pinocchio (aka Minnie Mouse's cat), they can again model their character on a toy.  I am ready and willing - and will be over there in January.


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