Sunday, 27 November 2011

Oh Chdristmas Tree

Here I am in the Villas (the DVC bit) at Wilderness Lodge.  We like Wilderness Lodge any time (I think Andrew just likes places that are a bit darker) but the theming really fits with Christmas.  When we have been there, it has almost always been very quiet and peaceful in these lounge areas downstairs at the Villas.

Today, it's beautifully sunny here in Lincolnshire:  dry but windy and cold.  I went out in the car with the humans while they were delivering something round the village for a friend.  I like car rides so I can get cuddles from Andrew (Mikki is driving!).  We came home and Mikki put on "Disney Cinemagique":  Toy Story 3.  I think it was towards the end but I don't know because Andrew turned my face away from the TV, covered my ears and gave me a lot of nice strokes.  Later, it's "Tangled".  

Oh, I found the recipe for the gingerbread house in my last post:  820 lbs of sugar; 135 lbs of butter; 1040 eggs; 150 lbs of chocolate chips; 470 lbs of flour; 2 lbs of baking soda.  Bake in a very large oven (I could have guessed that bit).

I still think it's just as well toys don't eat.  We don't need to go out and get exercise either.


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