Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Memories

My title is the title of a book Mikki got in the post (mail) yesterday.  It is a special hard back collectors' edition of the "Celebrations" magazine Mikki gets.  It is just full of wonderful pictures of Walt Disney World at Christmas.  I haven't found any of a black and white kitten but Mikki is really enjoying it.
There are lots of large model displays among Disney's Christmas decorations.  This one, of a funfair, was in the Boardwalk Villas:  incidentally, just about the only DVC location on property where we have not stayed.

And talking of things coming in the mail, Andrew's temporary disabled person's parking permit also arrived yesterday.  That's just a week since Mikki spoke to the Osceola County office about it.  She was impressed that they could immediately call up all Andrew's details from our visit in 2010 and sent it off as soon as they had the credit card payment.  I am told this may not be typical of every US local government office but it is certanly not typical of the UK public serrvice (who are mostly on strike today).

I think I'd like a cuddle for Christmas.  How about a practice?


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