Thursday, 17 November 2011

Lake District Party

We are just back home from the annual party in the English Lake District we have gone to for the last three years.  The party itself ended on Monday but we went to visit Andrew's brother and mother before coming home.

The party is good fun with a lot of nice people (even if one or two of them made jokes about someone called "Postman Pat" when they saw me!).  There are two big fancy dress evening parties and this year one of them was to the theme, "Toy Shop".  Disney characters were allowed so a lot of people thought they could guess who Mikki would come as.  She didn't because she had been Mickey Mouse last year for a "Hollywood" theme.  She was a "Spacehopper".

As you can see, I was much more interested in who Andrew came as.  He cleverly combined Disney Character with Toy by going not just as Figaro but as Toy Figaro: i.e. me.  I went with him.

Doesn't he look cute?  Come on give us both a cuddle.


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