Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Past

Today's Christmas picture is from one of our previous trips to Walt Disney World.  It wasn't the humans' first trip during December but it may have been the first one where they understood I am the star of the pictures (training them properly takes time).  It was 1999.  I don't know what camera they were using either (I'm cast, not crew!) but I'm pleased to know things have improved over the years.

I'm not quite sure where the picture was taken but the boat on the tree makes me think it is likely to be the lobby area of the Yacht Club.

Yes, this is from the time when I had lots more fur round my head and on my chest.  I really think it's much better to be distinctive, individual, not just any Figaro, me, No.1.

But if you must feel sorry for me, you can always comfort me with a cuddle.


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