Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hallowe'en on the Way

Since we moved to this village, we have held a party at Hallowe'en three times.  We missed last year (we were in Florida) so lots of friends have really been looking forward to this year's.  Mikki has been adding to a collection that already includes skulls, spiders, broomsticks, a bubbling cauldron and a "crystal" ball with a a cackling crone's head inside.

Here I am being introduced to something made of black tinsel with lights in it that they are trying to tell me is cat!  In fact, since taking the picture, they have bought another one that is even sillier:  It has long teeth and makes nasty noises (like the cat Goofy steps on in the "Philharmagic" pre-show).  At least it means they won't expect any of the Figaros to stand in as a black cat.

The party's on Saturday - a couple of days before the actual night - so we have two more days of decorating to go.  I think I'll just relax on the bed until they have time to come and cuddle me.


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