Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Golden Dumbo

Here's another of the pictures Andrew has put on the desktop of his new computer.

The picture was taken during our visit to California in 2005 - the golden anniversary of Disneyland park.  For that year, they put gold coloured ride vehicles next to each of the attractions that was there on opening day.  Here we are on Dumbo.

 Neither Andrew nor I are too sure about the picture and it may not stay.  Andrew fusses about it having a complicated background (the Dumbo ride).  He prefers pictures with plain backgrounds so that the icons on his desktop show up well.  I am more concerned at all the other cats in the picture.  Sometimes, I like having little Travelling Beanie with us because he does the dangerous stunt pictures.  If we had used the moving ride to do the picture on Dumbo's ear, then I might have offered it to  him.  Well, at least we all look like we're enjoying ourselves.


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