Sunday, 28 August 2011

DVC Gift

The Disney Vacation Club had a strong pressence on our cruise. Lots of the passengers were members - including several on my humans' dinner table. There was also a prominent sales desk (Where in Disney isn't there?).

DVC sent its members a gift. In the picture, I'm looking at the one sent to humans. It was a rather nice, solidly made box full of goodies. There were lanyards (again, what aren't there lanyards for in Disney?), there were pens and there was lots of sales literature.

The box was solidly made. My humans were not the only couple at their table who were upset at the idea of what to do with it. They didn't want it; they hadn't asked for it; and they had no reason to take it home. But they didn't want to waste it by throwing it away. After a few days thought, they did the obvious thing. They gave it back.


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