Sunday, 25 September 2011

Warning: Human has New Computer

Andrew has a new computer.  He is very pleased with the box and associated hardware.  He boutght it from a company called PC Specialist.  Mikki got her present one from the same company so was able to recommend them.

One of the good points is that this company does not load up lots of software you don't want - so the processor works on things you want and the desktop is not cluttered with lots of silly icons.  That leaves plenty of room for a nice background picture (or twenty) - which will lead me eventually to explaining today's photo.

The problem - as you probably guessed - is that a new PC means getting to grips with Windows 7.  Andrew has poor eyesight and remembers how much time and effort it took him to get XP to produce a screen he could use.  At least that experience prepared him to find the Windows 7 high contrast colour schemes approved by Microsoft would not suit him.  He had not been prepared for Microsoft changing the features of the "Magnifier" so that it will no longer work the way he liked.  Mikki even went onto a Microsoft help forum to ask a question.  Eventually, someone from Microsoft replied acknowledging Windows 7 can't do what Andrew was used to, suggested we buy third party software, and helpfully added a total disclaimer of liability!

Meanwhile, Andrew has had some fun with setting up pictures to run in sequence on his Desktop.  I am pleased that I was able to help with some suggestions.  Here is one of the pictures he put up.

We were visiting Andrew's family in Yorkshire when this was taken.  We had a trip out to a place called Fountains Abbey.  These are the largest abbey ruins in England and a World Heritage Site.  This shot was taken in the associated water gardens known as Studley Royal.  They were built in the georgian period and include lots of lovely statues, mock classical temples and so on.

Yes, you can see the Humans made me stand in the dirt for this picture.  This was a few years ago.  I don't think I would allow that now.

I can think of other nice pictures Andrew could put on his computer.  Perhaps I will share them with you too.

Meanwhile Andrew, take it steady and we will work things out for you.  Calm down.  Relax. Give your toy kitten a cuddle.  Prrrrrr

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