Thursday, 28 April 2011

Play Nicely

Tomorrow, we set off for the weekend Disney fan convention in Birmingham so the humans have been getting together all the Disney things they are willing to sell. There are lots of storage crates scattered about the house being filled up. Here's one in the picture.

Yes, the humans could not help trying to tease me by putting me in the box for sale. I am pleased to report I only spent a few minutes there while Andrew took my picture. After that, he gave me a reassuring cuddle and put me back on the bed.

After a lot of thought, I have decided I will go in the car with the humans to the sale. They will be away for several days and they need me. Also, I can get some interesting photos even if I don't go near the Convention itself.

I think we have lots of interesting things and hope they find good homes. You can see our Mickey Mouse telephone in the picture. We don't use it now but it is very cute/ Mickey's voice takes the place of a bell. He says things like, "Oh Boy! A phone call." and "I wonder who it could be". Surely, this is a treasure for a true Disney fan.

But no, as of writing, there are no Figaroes - not even pictures of Figaro - in the sale. The humans must have been trying to tease me all the time. Come on kids, play nicely. And give me another cuddle.

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