Friday, 6 May 2011

A Great Success

Our trip to the Disney Fan Meeting in Birmingham was a great success.

From the start, Mikki was pleased to see that hers was the only sales stand selling general Disney memorabilia. She was also pleased to see that our friends Dave and Carol of "Disney Dave" were also there. We knew they were not sponsoring the whole event this year but they did have a stand.

Indeed, they booked three tables. Some other people had two but Mikki had only paid for one. As you can see from the picture, it was starting to get a little crowded as we put things out. Fortunately, we were in a corner at the end of the row so we could also use a second small table we had brought of our own. You can just see the end of it to the right of the picture.

We had a great variety of things. Many remained in crates that customers had to rummage through to find something. On the second day (Sunday) we could get more out as things were sold from the table.

Yes, one of the crates did have some Beanies in it. My teasing humans even put me in that crate and took a picture!! Of course, they didn't mean it. Let me assure all my fans that I was safe in the bedroom long before the stall opened for business.

Mikki was thrilled - if a little overwhelmed - to find her table the centre of attantion as soon as the doors opened. It looks like my humans had a reputation from last year. Trading pins were particular popular. Mikki herself only traded once: to get a lovely pin of Figaro. Isn't she nice? Over the weekend collectors went away with quite a few unusual items - many at real bargain prices. Things that had been languishing in our garage now have new homes with other Disney enthusiasts. As well as clearing space in the garage, my humans covered their costs of the weekend (including the cost of what they bought from "Disney Dave")

Mikki also thought the actual events of the Meet were better than lat year.

Overall, a great success - if a little tiring. You can all relax now and cuddle your toy cat. Prrrr.

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