Monday, 20 June 2011

Getting Up To Date - May

I'm sorry I haven't been putting up messages. I can guess how much everyone has missed me. The humans have been quite busy but here we go now.

In May, the humans went to see Mikki's birth family in Bermuda. They say it was a lovely time in terms of weather and meeting the family generally but there was a note of sadness because Mikki's father is very ill. It is probably the last time she will see him. The other sadness is that I didn't go. Mikki had to make do cuddling my cousin Floppy Figaro, as the photo shows.

Actually, the photo was not taken in Bermuda but at the hotel at Gatwick Airport where they stayed before going. Mikki took a deal to get a guaranteed price for an upgraded room if it wasn't otherwise taken. It turned out that the room that wasn't taken was a rather splendid suite. I could have shown you pictures of the sliding doors leading from the sitting room to the bedroom, the jacuzzi bath and so on. But instead I thought you should at least see a cuddly toy Figaro.

Another update soon.

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