Sunday, 26 June 2011

My Other Car is, well, pretty useless really

We have got the car back from the body shop. Mikki is very pleased for lots of reasons. The car is nicely repaired and looks as good as new (just about). The whole saga of the bump is over - and her own insurance company have not been bothered at all by a job that cost something like £2,500 (that would be over $4,000).

One of the things we are all glad about is that we have got rid of the courtesy car we were loaned while ours was in the shop. It was supposed to be similar. It was a Honda Jazz automatic (Jazz is the model name in the UK) and less than a year old. It still had a nice place for me to sit. The problem was the gearbox/automatic control. The man who delivered the car said it was a new type of automatic Honda had introduced but Mikki was delighted they seem to have gone back to the old one by the time she bought her car. This one jumped and shuddered its way through the gears like a novice driver with a manual gear change. It couldn't pull away smartly from a halt and took ages to build up speed. That's quite a worry when you have a turn out into a main road like there is from our village. Anyway, we had the courtesy car for just over a week and now it is gone. It was pretty useless really.

With her own car back, Mikki had another disappointment. She had (what she thought was) a vinyl window cling from Walt Disney World saying "My Other Car is a Monorail". That's it in the photo. Now the idea of window clings is that you put them on the inside of the window so people can read them on the outside but they don't get rubbed off by weather, car washes and so on. Mikki forgot that Disney likes to do things its own way. When we started to get it out, we discovered this one is sticky on the back. It goes on the outside of the window. So within a couple of washes parts of it are damaged. This means you have to buy another sticker (perhaps Disney's plan) or have a damaged and marked car. Or probably both! The sticker is now destined for the trash. Pretty useless again, I'm afraid.

Still, we have our own car back and we all love it. So why bother about another car at all. Just give me a little cuddle and all is fine.


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