Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Cruise Preparations Continue

A final bit of updating at the end of the month. Mikki has been trying to make more arrangements for our cruise.

Something the humans have been looking forward to is dinner at Palo. On their previous cruise, they ate at Palo on their third, and final, evening. It was doubly enjoyable - both because of the wonderful food and service they had there and because they didn't have to face another night with the serving staff in the main restaurants. This time, they have got a booking on Wednesday - the fifth of their seven nights. I am sure they are still looking forward to the food and service there and they are hoping they will not have the same problems with the servers elsewhere.

Mikki has also been telling me about all sorts of silliness with a new booking system Disney have set up. It seems anyone who paid for their Mediterranean cruise in currency other than US dollars can't book some things in advance. I don't understand the details (I know the humans will look after me - won't you) but I think Mikki has also found clever things to do too (she is, you know).

I am sure there will be one more thing about this cruise. Once again, I am not in the picture. Mikki had the strange idea that she could carry my little "stunt kitten" Travelling Beanie with her for her smart evening out but that I had to stay in he cabin. Yes, he may have found it easier to balance on the letters than I could but I expect my humans to be more imaginative by now and find a way to take me with them. I'm looking forward to a lovely time.

Next time, I have to find a picture for you with me in it.


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