Monday, 4 July 2011

New Chair

We have a new chair for sitting at one of our computers. That's it in the picture. It swivels and tilts and has memory foam in the cushion. I didn't think too much to it myself: after all, I'm not big enough to make it tilt and I already have memory foam on the bed, so I will be happy to stay there most of the time.

Mikki has bought the chair for her study. You may be able to tell it is her room from the large number of mice in the background. They are all very well behaved (they are almost all Mickey: somehow one or two Minnies got in too but I keep them all pretty well under control).

Mikki says the chair is very comfortable for her. Andrew says it makes her look very smart and managerial. You can't see the desk and computer in this picture (the camera is below the desk) but you can probably work out that I could never reach the keyboard from this new chair. This is OK. I am training the humans up to accept dictation so that I don't need to type the blogs myself any more. So why shouldn't they be comfortable?

Oh, by the way, some cruise papers arrived in the post (mail) today.


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