Sunday, 24 July 2011

Another Figaro

We have an addition to the family. Here he is with me in our living room.

Almost as soon as we got back from Wales and Warwick, we were off to Harrogate (Andrew's home town) to help his mother. She is now 88 years old (which is even older than my character) and has recently had to move into a care home. She didn't like the ones she tried in Harrogate but seems very happy in one further north near Andrew's brother. She was visiting Harrogate to say "goodbye" to friends still there. She also chose some things from the flat (apartment) to take with her. This meant some tough choices - and one who didn't get to go was her toy Figaro - who she had called, "Mischief".

There's a good reason why he looks like "Floppy". As soon as Andrew's mother saw Floppy she demanded one of her own. Floppy came from Florida but fortunately they were selling the same design of Figaro in the Disney Store in London at the time. So another Figaro joined the Young extended family. We have promisd him a good home. At least he can be reassured that he is now with people who know his Disney heritage. He definitely hasn't seen anything like as many Mickey Mouses around him up to now.

This means that both Floppy and I now have two "brothers" in the house. The humans sometimes tease us that the brothers are there in case we get too worn or dirty. I suppose I have to humour them but it can get tiring. How many times do I have to tell them, "Nobody's getting replaced".

Now I'm just looking forward to my cruise with Mickey and friends (and the humans).


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