Friday, 8 July 2011

Happy Cruising

When I told you that the cruise information we received included details of what to do at Port Canaveral, I decided it was an excuse to show you my humans' favourite picture from our last (and only other) Disney cruise. Here we are on Castaway Cay with the ship (Disney Wonder) in the background. I guess everyone who has been on a cruise like ours has a picture like this - Disney are very good at finding and creating photo spots - but here is ours.

There is a little story to go with it. We were not in the first rush to get off the boat so when we arrived at this photo spot there was no line. Mickey was waiting for us. He became quite excited - and not just from meeting me! From his gestures, we worked out he was telling us he recognised my humans too. Andrew wasn't surprised because we had met him on the ship a few times. No, that wasn't it. He moved his hands round in a circle and we guessed it was the world - Walt Disney World. No, not good enough! The hand signals got more excited and a line started to form as he kept trying to get his message across. Eventually, his "minder" intervened to ask if there was a problem. We all felt rather stupid when the "minder" explained the round thing Mickey was showing us was Spaceship Earth. He was telling us he had met us at Epcot.

Our last cruise had some very memorable and happy moments like this one. I hope we get a few more on the next one.

We're all off to Wales for the weekend now. The weather forecast says it is going to be wet. Not (quite) as hard as Florida in a summer thunderstorm but a good bit cooler. At least we are staying in what looks like a very nice country house hotel so I'm hoping for a few more nice pictures.


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