Saturday, 23 July 2011

Characters - but not Disney

Time to finish the chat about our trip to Wales and Warwick. Here I am with somee people I met inside Warwick Castle.

You can probably recognise the man at the top. He is one of the most famous characters in English history - King Henry VIII. I am not sure who the lady is but there were five others standing around too. I don't think all six ever got together like that in real life. Yes, these characters weren't even people - just waxwork statues.

The other two spoke to us and gave me a little cuddle. They introduced themselves as the Earl and Countess of Warwick. They were from the Greville family - who I think may be still the Earls of Warwick (although they have sold the castle). This couple are dressed like they are from the 1700s

My human Andrew, who has been doing some research, says the Earldom of Warwick is unusual. The title has died out 3 times (and so had to be recreated by the King - if and when he wanted). So there have been 4 men who were "1st Earl". The most famous Earl of Warwick - "The Kingmaker" - was the 16th Earl and lived in the 1400s but the present Earl is only the 9th Earl. It's confusing for a toy cat. I am "No. 1" Figaro in our house.

You can imagine I was glad to get back to our lovely guest house - which is right at the castle gate. They know how to treat cuddly toys there. All the rooms have teddy bears in them and the bear has the same name as the room. We stayed in/with Francis. Of course, I had to tell Francis about who shares the bed with my humans but there was no trouble.

OK, is that enough? I'm nearly up to date. Can I have a cuddle now?


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