Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New Desk

As soon as he had assembled the chair for Mikki, Andrew set about the task of making a new computer desk. This one was for the computer in his own room. Assembling flat pack furniture is a rather different proposition from taking a chair out of its box so we toys were on alert for a human who would need lots of calming hugs. Well, here it is finished and hardly one scream of frustration!

It looks like Andrew has taken this picture rather carefully so you can't see any of the other things he has in his room. Perhaps I will be able to persuade him to take some other photos soon. I'm specially sorry he hasn't shown you the picture that is on the wall just a little to the right of this view. It is actually a production cell from Walt Disney's second full length animated feature film. You know, the one that for some reason is named after one of the minor characters - a wooden puppet called Pino-something. The cel in question is of the more important character, the black and white cat. In it, Figaro is in his human's bed. There's a message here and I am pleased to say my humans have got it.

Oh, by the way, Mikki has now opened and read the exciting package of cruise information that came from Disney yesterday. There are a couple of luggage tags and lots of useful information about boarding the ship - at Port Canaveral. I hope someone has told the Captain that he is due to pick us up in Barcelona!

Today, we have been out looking for fancy dress for a party the humans are going to later in the year. The theme is "toys". The humans have been talking about making giant dice or playing cards. Then they went to a fancy dress shop and looked for characters like Woody and Buzz. They could simply look round their own house and see which toys are the most popular: Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell and, of course, Figaro.


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