Saturday, 30 July 2011

More Furniture - and a Picture

No sooner were my humans back from London than Andrew had to start building another piece of flat-pack furniture. Andrew is very nice (he cuddles me - and sometimes he helps me with my typing) but he is definitely a human when it comes to flat-pack furniture. I had to offer him calming cuddles through the day. I'm very generous like that.

By the end of the day, as we expected, he had calmed down a bit and decided the instructions had lots of mistakes. But we did have a new chest of drawers where (almost) all the pieces fitted. He now has more space for his clothes.

The new chest is taller than the one he had before so I can have my photo taken on it and you get a good view or the picture on the wall behind me. It is an original production cel from Pinocchio. Naturally, it features the star of the film - Figaro the cat - doing what cats like best - going to sleep in the most comfortable place in the house. In this case it was his human Geppetto's bed. Figaro looks a little cross in this scene. He is being kept awake by a silly little wooden boy continually asking, "Why?". Why did Geppetto get so attached to that puppet when he had a lovely little black and white cat?

Just over a week to go now before we set off to Barcelona. In two weeks, we will be on Disney Magic. Mikki has been watching a DVD about Disney Cruise Line just to get her in the mood.


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