Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A Castle - but not Disney

Here I am at Warwick Castle on our way home from Wales. The tower behing me is called Guy's Tower (I don't know why). It was built around 1350. A lot of the castle is even older. For readers in North America, it is all a long time before Columbus.

Yes, it's a real castle. That's solid stone behind me, It isn't a fibre-glass fairytale castle. It isn't even a 19th century fake built by a mad king that Walt Disney is said to have used as a model (that one's in Germany anyway). It's a real medieval castle built to protect one of the most important nobles in the country. The narrow slits in the tower were for archers to shoot arrows. The overhanging bit at the top was to protect the defenders while they poured all sorts of nasty stuff on the people outside. During the Wars of the Roses, the then Earl of Warwick was known as "The Kingmaker" because of the number of kings he had arranged to have replaced one way or another.

Look, I'm only a toy cat. I'm not supposed to know all this serious stuff but Andrew likes to do research for me sometimes and gets upset if I ignore all of it.

Actually, inside this one is not that different from a Disney castle. There are people wandering round in constume. Oh, and there are lots of overpriced food stands and attractions with supplementary charges too!

I think I have some more pictues somewhere. I'll look them out.

It was fun.

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