Sunday, 17 July 2011

Lovely Hotel in Wales

It's lovely to tell people about my trips away - even when they aren't related to Disney (can you believe that?). We are just back from two trips away. The first included a weekend in a really luxurious country house hotel in Wales. What is more, the accommodation was free. My clever human Mikki won a competition on the website of the famous British chef, Delia Smith.

The top picture is of our bedroom. I'm sorry you can't see me too well but Mikki insisted I included as much of the bed and room as possible. All of the rooms were elegant and made the humans imagine they were staying as guests in a country mansion. As you may guess from the picture below (yes, I've learned how to upload more than one picture) Mikki even decided to play a little snooker. The windows looked out on a beautiful view of the river Wye. I've got some other pictures outside and may show you.

The humans say the food was also excelent. They had breakfast included but decided to have dinner too.


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