Monday, 29 July 2013

Familiar Characters

I like my picture with other Disney characters.  I always hope for new characters but I love the familiar ones too.  Here are some from the Hundred Acre Wood.
I think I've put up some pictures of Tigger on the blog previously and I have lots with Pooh so I thought it might be a little different to show this one of me playing around in his Hunny pot.  Disney are very clever with the Hunny pot.  I stood right on the hunny but hardly got sticky at all!

Next, here's one with Piglet.  The picture was taken at one of the character breakfasts at Crystal Palace.  They are a lot of fun even if a little noisy and busy.  The atmosphere's really happy.

Piglet's quite big, isn't he.  I admit I sometimes get confused by the size of characters at Walt Disney World.  But they all seem happy to give me a cuddle, so that's all right.

Finally, I have a picture with one character who doesn't look happy - Eeyore.  I do my best to cheer him up, letting him hold me and cuddling up to him, but his face doesn't change at all.

Someone has told Mikki there is a chance to see less familiar characters at the Studios before Fantasmic.  We'll probably try to find them, but meanwhile I am still very happy seeing the familiar characters:  Mickey, Minnie, princesses, fairies and even Pooh and friends.

They all give me cuddles.

Just two weeks until we set off!


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