Saturday, 11 February 2012

Oh to be in England (Epcot version)

Last night was the coldest of the winter to far.  Now I realise 4F (-15C) is not that cold for lots of people in North America (especially if you live as far north as we do) but it was jolly cold for England.  It certainly looked cold from the bedroom window - or I'm sure it would have done if I had got out from under the covers to look.

So here's a picture that shows England enjoying decent weather.  Yes, it's in the UK pavilion of World Showcase.  Andrew and I are sitting in the little square at the back. 

It's still possible to find a few quiet places - and a few quiet times - in the UK pavilion at Epcot and the square is often one of theose places.  There's too much noisy "music" around the front for us.  And there are far too many ill mannered tourists enjoying it (all seem to be Brits too - it's rather confusing).

Back here in the cold England, we have had the added complication that the heating broke down.  Fortunately, my clever Mikki found a way to make it work some of the time until the engineer came (today:  hooray).  So now it is a lot warmer near Andrew's PC and I can venture out to type my blog.

Oh to be in Epcot, now that February's here.


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