Monday, 6 February 2012

Florida a Memory - a happy one

It's been snowing.  I've been staying in bed - and I'm jolly pleased I am not a real cat who would have to go out in the garden.  So here's a nice picture from our holiday (vacation) and some news of what we have been doing since we got back.
Here I am with my humans when we met Pooh and Tigger towards the end of the trip near the International Gateway of Epcot.  The previous time we met, Tigger had been giving me Bouncing lessons so I was pleased to show him how well I was doing.  The camera didn't catch that bit but take my word for it:  Tigger was impressed!

Last weekend, we all went to Harrogate to tidy up Andrew's mother's flat before it is put on the market for sale (yes, she does know - and approve).  It was a tiring time for the humans.  I stayed in the car and in the hotel room where my humans had an overnight stay.

We left Harrogate about 1.00pm on Saturday and it had started to snow there.  We got ahead of the snow on the road (it was moving slowly:  my Mikki is a very safe driver).  Snow started at home in the evening and about 4 inches fell.  We were all jolly glad we had no need to go out the next day (Sunday).  By today it is thawing.  Even in our little village, driving is nothing like as difficult as during last year's snow and things are even better on the main road and in the town.

We went to Walt Disney World to be warm.  We were.  We watched the temperatures at home and we were always 25-30 deg F warmer where we were.  But now we are back and it is still cold, wet and miserable here.  Perhaps we should stay longer next year.  Meanwhile, I'll look out some more pictures to help remind me of how nice it was and what fun we had.

And I'll have another cuddle, please.

And then back to bed.

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