Thursday, 16 February 2012


Lots of good news here.  First, the snow's all gone.  This means the humans are a lot more cheerful and not fussing about cold or clearing the driveway.  It was nice to have them in the house cuddling me but you like a little time to yourself too.  They've been out delivering the village newslatter Mikki produces.

Next, our Disney Photopass pictures have arrived.  We have lots to look through, including some bonus ones with just the Disney characters on.  There wasn't one of Figaro but I continue to hope.

For more nice things, I thought I would let you see this picture of a lot of treasure.  It is another one taken backstage at the Magic Kingdom when President Obama was visiting.  I think the treasure chest float is one Tinker Bell sits on during the "Pirates and Princesses" parade.  Wouldn't it be nice if all those gold coins and jewels were real (and mine).  Well, actually, I wouldn't swap the humans for all of it.  They're the ones who cuddle me and take me to Disney World.  My treasure!!

OK, it was Valentine's Day this week.  The humans came over all soppy so I thought I had better be nice to them too.


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