Friday, 9 December 2011


It's back to Disney Christmas with this picture of me with a snowman (not real snow, of course).

At home, the humans have erected our artificial snowman in the living room.  This year, he is on a little table so he can be seen from outside.  We're jolly glad we didn't put him outside, although he is supposed to be for indoor or outdoor use.  The wind yesterday was very strong.  He would have been at serious risk of getting damaged or blown away.  The neighbours had a gate broken and the whole village had the power out for a couple of hours (the power company said it would be 9, so I suppose we should compliment them).

Today, it's calmer but colder.  Toy cats don't need to go outside.

You can see me with our snowman in my first Post of January this year.

The snowman at the top was set up for a "Merry Mixer" party for members of the Disney Vacation Club.  It's only fair that you get to see some of the other "folks" we got to merrily mix with.  Donald and Daisy Duck came along.  Daisy is giving me a nice little tickle.  Yes, that's right.  Now up a bit.  Good.


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