Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Hamper

Now that my humans live in a small village, they do quite a bit of shopping by internet and post - so a parcel delivery is quite common.  Mostly, though, they know what they are expecting.  So it was a delightful surprise when a large box was delivered yesterday.  "What's this", called Andrew to Mikki.  "It's a lovely hamper", replies the delivery man.  Oh wow! The label said it came from Fortnum & Mason.  And here's the contents.
 I'm a toy cat:  I don't eat.  But I think all this looks jolly yummy for humans.  Biscuits, two types of tea and one of coffee; wine mulling spices and lots more.  It's a super Christmas gift from Mikki's sister, Julie, and her family in Bermuda.  Thank you, lovely people.  I think my humans plan to keep some of the items for themselves at home and to take some to share with Andrew's family who we are joining for Christmas.

Less than a day later (and it's raining outside again) but the humans are already planning what they will do with the empty basket - which has "F & M" clearly printed on the lid.  If the UK gets any summer next year, there could be picnics on their own decking by the river.

Come along now.  If you are going to spoil yourselves with all these treats, the least you can do is give me a little cuddle.


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