Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas on Main Street, USA

Happy Holidays from the heart of Walt Disney World - Main Street, USA.  Here is my human, Andrew, holding me right in the middle of it.  This picture was taken a few years ago but is the most recent I have of the decorations on Main Street.  Don't you wish you were there (less than 4 weeks to go).

It's also a lovely reminder that even at this time of year it can be nice and warm in Florida - well, warmer than here anyway.  The sun was shining today when my humans went round the village delivering the village newsletter and some Christmas cards.  I went in the car to supervise and keep them company but didn't get out.  It was jolly cold.  There was quite a lot of slippery ice on the paths.  Fortunately, the humans only found this with the soles of their shoes!

Back home now for a nice warming cuddle.

Brrr, Brrr,  Prrrrr.

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