Monday, 12 December 2011

Places Friends can Take You

Christmas is a time to remember your friends, and my humans and I have made a lot of friends through our interest in Disney. 

One December visit a friend was able to do something special for us.  He worked for GM, the sponsors of Test Track, and he was able to get a group of us into the VIP lounge there.  You can probably see Mission Space on this picture but the most spectacular thing is the cars wizzing past just below the window.  I was content to have my picture with the Christmas Tree.  Andrew is holding me nicely and Mikki says I look really good (I always do, don't I).

We are looking forward to seeing some friends in January.  Mikki is hoping to see lots more in October.

When I look through my pictures I see lots with friends from Disney.  there are a lot of nice people out there!  I have had lots of nice cuddles.


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